Expert Partners

Our team of expert partners is committed to delivering specialized services that guarantee food safety, quality, and scalability at every stage of your processes. We provide customized solutions that align with your needs, helping you achieve your objectives with our comprehensive range of services.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance Services


We specialize in Food Safety and Quality Consulting, from risk assessment to crisis management. Our experts leverage decades of industry knowledge to safeguard your product and fortify security protocols, ensuring brand protection.

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Food Safety Software

Our food safety software offers real-time data and alerts, informing you about global industry changes. Our solutions cover food safety, quality, and regulatory compliance, supporting your product comprehensively.

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Food Sensory

We provide food sensory services to evaluate product excellence, gain consumer insights, conduct detailed comparisons, and inspire innovative concepts, all within a centralized hub.

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GFSI Services

We are your partners for assisting suppliers in showcasing our commitment to safe, quality products. Explore our certified and non-certified GFSI services, which are essential for meeting the stringent requirements of retailers and manufacturers.

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We ensure an understanding of product regulations. Led by Compliance Specialists in diverse food categories, including pet food and dietary supplements, we provide accurate labeling and global regulatory compliance. Multiple regulatory Compliance Specialists perform thorough quality assurance.

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Research Projects

As your Expert Partners in Research Projects, we collaborate on the practical science to develop future food products and processes. Our research services ensure product stability, quality, and safety from concept to market entry.

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Third-Party Audits

As your expert partners, we conduct third-party audits to verify your plant's compliance with regulations and industry practices. We offer an objective program overview using food safety principles, regulatory guidelines, and best practices.

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We are your Expert Partners, enhancing course offerings with our expertise gained from collaborating with leading companies. Our food safety training academy provides a broad range of courses presented by technically qualified specialists for all levels of food industry employees.

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