Physical Testing

Product quality is crucial in a robust quality assurance program. Tests measure how closely a product aligns with specific standards for food and consumer goods. Most of these tests can be classified as physical and defect testing. Food Physical Testing labs specialize in quantifying distinctive product features and capturing crucial metrics like defects or unusable products per case.

Enhance Your Product's Success: Benchmarking and Beyond

Food physical testing can also be utilized to gauge a product's performance against its rivals, a process known as benchmarking. By conducting head-to-head comparisons using a range of physical tests, distinct points of differentiation can be identified. These unique characteristics can then be optimized to craft exceptional, award-winning products. Mérieux NutriSciences offers physical testing services across four convenient locations in North America. Our comprehensive physical testing includes various techniques and analyses designed to ensure the highest quality standards for your products.

Food and Beverage

Dimensions Texture Analysis Inclusions
Weights Viscosity Piece Counts
Glaze % Hunter LAB Color Cook Yield
Product Specific Defects Broken / Unusable Pieces Melt Tests
Sieve Analysis Breading % Package Closure


Consumer Goods

Absorbency (feminine hygiene, incontinence, diapers) Household Cleaner Performance
Laundry Detergent Stain Removal/Performance Dishwashing (automatic and hand) Performance
Laundry Softener Performance  


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