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Enhance Your Environmental Monitoring Program With EnviroMap's Features

Automated Scheduling

Automatic prescription of corrective actions

Elevate Your Environmental Monitoring

Executive and Plant Dashboard

Program by using EnviroMap’s Features

Real-Time Out-of-Spec Notifications

Results Mapping

Tracing of Activities

How Does EnviroMap Work?

1. Intelligent Scheduling

  • A program that automatically schedules the samples you need when you need them. Never forget a follow-up again!

  • View your schedule in advance as an easy-to-manage list mapped to your plant floor.

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop interface to effortlessly manage unexpected events.

2. Corporate Dashboard

  • Oversight of the environmental programs of multiple facilities presents additional challenges.

  • Access to data and communication of non-conformance results in real time is limited and dependent on multiple sources.

  • EnviroMap’s corporate dashboard allows you to leverage access across your facility and co-manufacturer network in one platform to make decisions.

3. Predetermined Corrective Actions

  • Set up corrective actions that activate predetermined re-swabbing schedules when a sample is submitted as out-of-limits or positive.

  • EnviroMap also allows you to designate investigative sites, workflow stoppage, and perimeter re-swabbing criteria.

4. Notifications

EnviroMap revolutionizes managing environmental sampling procedures by offering an innovative and cutting-edge system. Our unparalleled platform allows you to schedule, submit, record, and track any sampling procedure, regardless of location. EnviroMap ensures that you have complete control and visibility over every aspect of your environmental sampling, whether in the field, in the office, or on the go. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual processes and embrace the efficiency and convenience of EnviroMap. Experience a seamless and streamlined approach to environmental sampling like never before.


5. Real-Time Data Analytics

  • Be proactive and control your environment thanks to our real-time data and chart results.

  • With EnviroMap, customized reports can be generated on demand or at a scheduled time from real-time data.

  • Traditional reporting formats include grids, pie charts, and bar charts. In addition, our interactive result maps plot data linked to your environmental sites to assist in decision-making regarding mitigation and corrective actions for at-risk locations.

6. External LIMS Integration

EnviroMap is a highly versatile software solution that seamlessly integrates with a wide range of existing Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) available in the market. Our goal is to provide a seamless integration experience for our clients. Therefore, if we haven't already integrated with your specific LIMS, our dedicated software development team will work tirelessly to ensure that it becomes a reality. Rest assured, your unique LIMS requirements will be met, and EnviroMap will effortlessly synchronize with your existing system, enhancing its capabilities and streamlining your laboratory operations. With our commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability, we strive to provide you with the most comprehensive and flexible solution available.
  • Testing and Sampling

  • EMP Consultancy

  • Training

  • Surface monitoring by swabs, contact agar, sponges
  • Aerial monitoring with passive sampling, settle plates, and other devices
  • Water testing of potable and processed water and cooling towers
  • Cleanroom services with audits and baseline studies
  • Cleaning validation  and monitoring
  • On-site sampling, where experienced technicians collect samples or conduct environmental surveys at your facility
  • Pathogen monitoring for Listeria, E. Coli, Salmonella, and others

Our Industry Experts can conduct an EMP Risk Assessment to ensure your program is designed correctly (site selection and frequency), identifies risks, targets the appropriate organisms, and captures industry best practices specific to your products and processes.

  • Develop customized Environmental Monitoring Programs for your facility
  • Investigation & Troubleshooting of out-of-specification results
  • Design Listeria and other pathogen control and monitoring programs
  • Public and online EMP courses
  • Customer courses onsite to fit your facility needs

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