Microbiology Testing

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Pathogen Identification for Guaranteed Food Safety

Our microbiology experts can help you to isolate and identify common indicator organisms and foodborne pathogens and analyze raw ingredient samples and finished products to guarantee food safety and quality.

Microbiology Testing Services

Pathogens and Toxins Testing

Our full range of microbiological detection methods enables you to guarantee the quality of your food products by ensuring they are pathogens-free.

  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • Salmonella
  • Legionella pneumophila
  • Escherichia coli STEC, including O157
  • Vibrio spp.
  • Clostridium perfringens
  • Bacillus cereus
  • Cronobacter spp (Enterobacter sakazakii)
  • Campylobacter
  • Enterotoxins
  • Staphylococcus aureus

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Indicator and Industrial Microorganism Testing

Our recognized expertise in industrial microorganism testing can help you control quality and safety at different stages of product development.

Indicator Microorganisms

  • Acid-resistant microorganisms
  • Fecal contamination indicators
  • Heat-resistant microorganisms
  • Psychotropic microorganisms
  • Spore-forming microorganisms

Industrial microorganism:

  • Bifidobacteria
  • Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus
  • Lactobacillus casei
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Streptococcus thermophilus
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Validation and Challenge Studies

Challenge microbiology food testing is a useful tool for determining the ability of a food to support the growth of spoilage organisms or pathogens.  Challenge testing helps you simulate what could happen to a product during production, processing, distribution, or subsequent handling by consumers. It is also an essential tool in developing new formulations or products.

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Microbial Identification Services

Microbial identification services provide organism names that can aid you in understanding the next steps you need to take in your plant. This will help you offset economic losses by elusive food organisms and decrease costly incidences of contamination.

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Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP)

Mérieux NutriSciences supports its customers with:

  • Definition of a comprehensive environmental monitoring plan customized to your food products and the factory design
  • Routine environmental sampling with microbiological swabs
  • Bacterial identification in samples with accredited methods, including rapid testing (BAX, VIDAS) and advanced Next Generation Sequencing.
  • Support to assess the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitation procedures
  • Environmental monitoring audits: Mérieux NutriSciences can act as a third party to help companies assess the microbiological risk in the factory and issue recommendations
  • Contamination investigation: root cause of punctual or recurring pathogens contamination and spoilage events, and support with consumer complaints
  • EMP planning, data management, and automation with EnviroMap, a cloud-based environmental monitoring solution, to streamline your sampling plan across several manufacturing sites.

An effective environmental monitoring program with a comprehensive sampling plan is crucial to ensure safety in food processing operations. With a wide range of microbiology testing services, we partner with manufacturers to support them in defining each step of an effective EMP.

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Data Integrity and Testing Excellence

Our extensive network of accredited laboratories guarantees the utmost adherence to the highest standards in the microbiology industry, safeguarding the integrity of your valuable data. Our meticulous microbiology testing is conducted strictly with globally recognized standards, ensuring accuracy and reliability at every step.


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Microbiology Testing Resources


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