Identifying Listeria Species


The Importance of Accurate Detection and Differentiation in Food Safety

Newly described Listeria species are being added to the genus faster than methods can be revised, causing uncertainty in the realm of food safety. Presently, there are 28 Listeria species, and there is no method, rapid or reference, that will detect or correctly identify all Listeria. In this webinar, our expert researcher will help navigate you through the Listeria detection and identification labyrinth. Discover which of the 28 species deserves your focus when developing a L. monocytogenes (LM) control program. 

Key findings from several recent studies evaluating Listeria spp. methods are presented. Attendees will learn how to ensure those species relevant to food safety (i.e., LM indicator or index organisms) are detected. Additionally, even though species misidentification is possible, attendees will learn how to avoid a potential LM false positive or false negative identification.

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