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We understand food and nutrition labeling regulations and the repercussions of a mislabeled product or dissatisfied consumer. Labeling requirements are written in legal language, making them difficult to understand and interpret – and our Labeling Regulatory Services department is here to help.

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Mastering Labeling Compliance with Expert Regulatory Guidance

Our Labeling Compliance and Regulatory Services team is dedicated to making sure our customers understand the regulations around their products. Composed of Regulatory Compliance Specialists with years of experience in all food categories, including pet food and dietary supplements, our experts guide clients in generating labels that follow all applicable FDA/USDA/CFIA practices and requirements, insisting all work is checked and peer-reviewed by two Regulatory Compliance Specialists.

Your One-Stop Source for Regulatory Excellence and Tailored Services

Our Labeling Compliance and Regulatory Services department understands your unique needs and provides tailored solutions. We offer various services that cater to food manufacturers, startups, restaurants, and retail. Rest assured, we will meet all compliance requirements and provide the best solutions for you with the following services:

Nutrition and Labeling

Labeling Compliance and Nutrition Services include the following and will fit into your product's development or review stages.

  • Food Label Review
  • Food Label Review + Formulation Review
  • Nutrition Labeling by Database Analysis
  • Ingredient and Allergen Declaration Review and Development
  • Label, Nutrient, and Health Claims Review and Development
  • Food and Nutrition Labeling Consulting

Regulatory Compliance Tools

Our digital tools allow you to stay up-to-date on all new regulations, food fraud alerts, limits, and more. Learn more and see which solution is the best fit for you.  

Limit Detector

An easy-to-use tool to detect your limits and export your products without concerns. In only two clicks – get contaminant concentration limits enforced in your target markets on your food commodities.

Safety HUD

Safety HUD was designed to help food operators worldwide to perform risk assessments on their products and raw materials and to meet international standard requirements (e.g., BRC, IFS).

Regulatory Update

Regulatory Update provides businesses with tools that enable them to be updated on new regulations in real time. Regulatory Update monitors and analyzes regulatory frameworks in more than 70 countries.

Menu Labeling Services

Our services begin with a menu review to assess your needs. We can then recommend methods of analysis appropriate for each recipe.

  • Menu Labeling by Laboratory Analysis
  • Menu Labeling by Calculated Analysis
  • Menu Labeling for Special Diets
  • Ingredient Statement and Allergen Declaration

Regulatory Services

Scientific literature holds a wealth of knowledge to support food safety programs. A literature search provides valuable information regarding the potential microbial, chemical, and physical hazards associated with a specific food matrix, technology, process, or environment.

We offer expert information research services for a deep search and review of scientific literature and regulatory information. Our access to hundreds of bibliographic databases and journals allows our research services to go beyond a typical web search. The searches are performed by an information expert with more than 15 years of experience researching scientific literature and North American regulations.

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