Our Food Safety and Quality Consulting focuses on understanding and addressing your needs, from risk assessment to crisis management. With industry expertise and regulatory knowledge, our team ensures product protection, strengthens security protocols, and safeguards your brand. We evaluate your requirements and collaborate with experienced consultants for each project, providing the utmost professionalism and unwavering support.

Food Safety and Quality Services


Our assessment aims to uncover potential areas of risk and provide recommendations for enhancing in-plant conditions and programs. 

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Program Development

Our team of experts is here to help you evaluate and compare your food safety management programs with industry-leading practices, ensuring that your product risk is thoroughly assessed.

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Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP)

Our EMP Risk Assessment Consultancy ensures that your program is meticulously crafted, successfully detects potential risks, focuses on the appropriate entities, integrates top-notch industry methods, and guarantees strong safeguarding of your reputation.

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Crisis Management and Technical Support Services

Crisis Management

Protect your brand from potential harm during a product recall or foodborne illness investigation by utilizing our specialized Crisis Management Consultancy and Technical Legal Support Services.

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Toxicology Consultancy

Our team of Certified Toxicologists specializes in calculating and evaluating the potential dangers of chemical exposure on humans and animals.

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Process Authority

We offer process authority services to support acidified food producers and our qualified team can issue a Process Authority Letter after a meticulous evaluation of our clients' production methods and formulation information.

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