Clostridium Botulinum Studies

The John H. Silliker Food Science Center is internationally recognized for its expertise in studying and detecting Clostridium botulinum and its toxins. Our licensed laboratory analyzes samples for viable C. botulinum cells and toxins. We conduct studies to determine log reduction potential and D and Z values. We ensure top-quality research outcomes with state-of-the-art equipment, custom-built facilities, and highly trained personnel. Our systems comply with strict federal mandates for select agent testing.

Our Research Expertise

We deliver innovative solutions that meet specific client needs with our expertise in VC, MAP, Chilled, and Commercially Sterile Products and Low-Acid Foods. Our team combines scientific knowledge with practical application to drive advancements in the food industry, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

Vacuum Packed (VC) Products

Our company is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions across diverse research fields. Among our areas of specialization lies Vacuum Packed (VC) Products. With our profound expertise and extensive experience in the nuances of vacuum packaging, we offer invaluable insights and solutions to elevate the quality and prolong the shelf life of these products.

Modified Atmosphere Packed Foods (MAP)

Our unwavering dedication lies in Modified Atmosphere Packed Foods (MAP). Our team of seasoned specialists has delved deep into gas composition and packaging techniques, tirelessly striving to forge a controlled atmosphere that safeguards the food's freshness and flavor and prolongs its shelf life. We take pride in delivering tailor-made MAP solutions that perfectly align with your specific product requirements.

Chilled Products

Our expertise covers a wide range of chilled products. We deeply understand the obstacles faced in maintaining the perfect temperature and guaranteeing the safety and quality of these products throughout the supply chain. Through our cutting-edge research and innovative solutions, we can significantly improve the storage, transportation, and display of chilled products, ensuring their utmost freshness and integrity.

Commercially Sterile Products

We specialize in creating Commercially Sterile Products. With our extensive understanding of sterilization processes and techniques, we can eliminate harmful microorganisms without compromising the nutritional value and taste of the products. Our research expertise allows us to develop effective sterilization methods, ensuring our clients' products meet the highest safety standards.

Low-Acid Foods

With our wealth of experience in dealing with Low-Acid Foods, we have become experts in overcoming the distinctive challenges that come with these types of food. Our research is dedicated to unraveling the complexities of low-acid foods, including their vulnerability to bacterial growth and spoilage. Count on us to provide invaluable guidance on the most effective preservation methods and packaging solutions, guaranteeing low-acid foods' utmost safety and quality.

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