Experience more than just results by taking charge of your daily food safety and quality management through our intuitive and reliable Customer Portal. With sample delivery being a crucial aspect, MyMXNS surpasses expectations by offering comprehensive insights into your samples, from submission to test results and beyond. Stay informed and proactively mitigate risks, all thanks to the empowering capabilities of QualMap.

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Revolutionize Your Approach to Quality Control:
Discover the Benefits of Mérieux NutriSciences' Dynamic Dashboards

Experience the convenience of accessing the complete Mérieux NutriSciences (MXNS) sample and Audit (Hygiene, Facility, Consulting) process all in one place. Unlock the power of dynamic dashboards and personalized reports to enhance your food safety management. Easily manage your invoices, schedule sample pickups, and seamlessly interact with the MXNS team. Our customer-centric solution directly links to your lab settings, providing a seamless and efficient experience.

Our Free Portal Allows You to:

  • Create personalized reports for your activities with Mérieux NutriSciences

  • Download all your samples, audits (Hygiene, Facility, Consulting), invoices & analysis

  • Get online support with our FAQs and user guides to get the most from your portal

  • Access the status of your samples in real-time

  • Receive and search for Certificates of Analysis as soon as they are issued

  • Receive and search for Audits (Hygiene, Facility, Consulting) results

  • Receive and search for invoices

  • Schedule sample pick-up

  • Save and store documents

Your Daily Companion

1. Submit Samples

  • All your sample submission process is accessible in a simple interface.

  • With your laboratory configuration already set up in the portal, you will easily submit your samples through the portal and even schedule a pick-up from your location.

  • This drastically improves sample traceability and sample submission efficiency.

2. Get Access to Your Results

  • Stay in touch with the critical information by setting up your customized notifications.

  • All results, COA, Audit (Hygiene, Facility, Consulting) reports, and invoices can be downloaded easily to monitor all your activities in a single place.

  • The portal becomes your daily companion because we gather all your Mérieux NutriSciences’ touchpoints into the same platform.

  • You are now aware of everything regarding your business with Mérieux NutriSciences in real-time.

3. Improve Your Activity

  • The portal leverages best-in-class digital functionalities to offer an intuitive, flexible, and enjoyable user experience.

  • You will be able to deep dive into your activity from the big picture to every single detail, from the widgets and dynamic dashboards of the home page to different types of configurable reports and trends.

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