Are you overwhelmed with manual reports and data in your Supply Chain? Try QualMap, the innovative solution for streamlined supply chain management with easy-to-use dashboard reporting. Monitor data, products, ingredients, and supply chains effortlessly. Stay informed and mitigate risks with QualMap.

Integrate Data From Multiple Sources

A data solution for food experts, by food experts

  • Configurable and interactive dashboard for high-level monitoring

  • Track conformance to customer and corporate requirements

  • A KNOWLEDGABLE PARTNER in the food industry

  • A SCIENTIFIC PARTNER to effectively PREVENT health risks

  • A GLOBAL PARTNER to build comprehensive prevention strategies

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Get our free ebook on how you can level up your B2B SaaS content marketing

How Does QualMap Work?

Data Normalization

Enhance your understanding of product and supplier performance by consolidating data from various sources related to food quality and safety. Our skilled data analysts meticulously analyze and purify technical information from your food safety and quality programs. We establish a central hub as the cornerstone for seamlessly integrating multiple datasets. Once loaded into QualMap, users can explore a comprehensive overview of the aggregated data or conveniently compare it side by side.


Dashboard Reporting

Access all your product, commodity, and supplier details conveniently in one place. Tailor your view only to display the data that truly matters to you and aligns with your specific role. Whether you're an executive seeking high-level insights or a plant-level user needing detailed information, our collaborative approach empowers you to comprehend and visualize the intricate workings of your supply chain. Each visualization is fully customizable, placing you in control of the information directly impacting your business management.

Statistical Analysis

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your products and suppliers by monitoring trends in your data. Our product performance dashboard empowers you to identify emerging trends before they pose any problems proactively. Utilizing data distribution and process capability, swiftly pinpoint which suppliers are deviating from the desired target.


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