Research Projects

At Mérieux NutriSciences, we collaborate with you to develop future food products and processes using practical science. Our research services ensure your products' stability, quality, and safety from concept to store shelves, expediting market entry and ensuring success in a competitive industry.

Expert Scientific Studies for Food Processors Worldwide

Thorough scientific studies are critical for food processors in our global supply chain to ensure product safety and process effectiveness. We can help protect your investment, build customer loyalty, and comply with regulations..

Shelf Life Studies

With our top-tier insights, you can keep your products fresher for longer, ensure their quality, and meet strict stability standards. Outpace your competitors with our innovative solutions. 

Challenge Studies

We offer challenge testing services to ensure your food safety protocols are effective. Our specialists can help identify risks and improve product safety—partner with us to protect consumers and build brand trust.

Validation Studies

Our meticulous validation studies guarantee that your manufacturing process is fully equipped to achieve the desired level of safety at every stage, while also meeting all necessary regulatory requirements.

Microbial Identification Studies

We offer Microbial and ID Stereotyping Services that use advanced tech to identify microorganisms in your products. Trust us to maintain product integrity and comply with regulations, enhancing food safety and quality in your operations.

Clostridium Botulinum Studies

We specialize in Clostridium Botulinum studies to prevent contamination and ensure product safety. Partner with us to meet the highest food safety standards and protect your brand reputation.

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