Shelf Life Studies

Discover the secrets of your food product's longevity with our comprehensive shelf life studies. Gain insights into how your product ages over time through our cutting-edge studies. Our confidential results will be delivered in a secure final report, allowing you to share data confidently. Our expert team assesses the quality degradation of your product, providing a recommended shelf life. Experience the benefits of our laboratories, offering real-time, accelerated, and open-package services.

Reasons to Conduct Shelf Life Studies

  • A new product roll-out

  • Evaluating the impact of formulation, packaging, or process changes

  • Assessing storage or distribution system changes

  • Determining the shelf-life of your product

Shelf Life Study Parameters

Study parameters include, but are not limited to:
  • Microbiological spoilage

  • Lipid oxidation

  • Nutrient stability

  • Sensory evaluation

  • Probiotic stability

  • Physical evaluations

  • Color, texture, and more

  • Quality degradation

  • Preservative performance

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