2022 Food Industry Highlights in Review


Did you know microbial hazards were the reason for 26% of FDA food recalls last year, including recalls due to outbreaks attributed to foods ranging from peanut butter to infant formula?

Our bi-monthly Food Industry Highlights ensure you stay up to date on recalls, regulations, and food alerts that might impact the food industry in North America. In this webinar, our experts will cover important food safety data and events impacting the food industry in our 2022 Food Regulatory Highlights in Review. Whether you’re new to the industry or like to stay in the loop of new developments in the food industry, this webinar is for you!

Learning Objectives

  • Highlight the food recall trends in the U.S. and Canada

  • Focus on the top 2022 U.S. regulatory issues: FDA, USDA, and states

  • Review key international food safety and labeling regulations

  • Introduce tools for the strategic monitoring of food recalls and regulations

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