Maximizing Food Safety During Preventative Maintenance Shutdowns

      Maximizing Food Safety During Preventative Maintenance Shutdowns

      With the holiday season just around the corner, you might be wondering: "What should I be focused on during my holiday shutdown?" The answer is simple: food safety. 

      In this webinar, gain valuable insights on maximizing the effectiveness of your environmental monitoring program (EMP) during routine shutdowns. Discover strategies to adapt and enhance your monitoring programs while minimizing costs through expert EMP risk assessments.

      During this webinar, we emphasize the importance of additional sampling, comprehensive training, and effective sanitation practices to mitigate potential microbiological risks that may arise during maintenance procedures. Find out key steps to ensure continuous compliance with food safety standards and certifications during planned shutdowns. 

      Get ready for a trove of practical tips to refine your existing certification best practices and conquer new certification goals. Plus, unlock the secrets to optimizing staff training and skill maintenance during scheduled downtime.

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